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TS Services Group Ltd. is a company created with the objective of providing maintenance services using advanced technology methods and aiming at high efficiency for large ships with a focus on the South American market.

There is an intense demand for navigation on the coasts of South America and a lack of technology services for this sector. Thus, TS Services Group Ltd was born with the objective of bringing high performance GREEN technology from its international partners to carry out preventive maintenance on large ships sailing in South American waters.

The first partnership initiated by TS Services Group Ltd was with Hullwiper Ltd. Both based in the British Virgin Islands, a traditional location for companies that provide maritime services and build large ships.

Through this partnership, TS SERVICES GROUP is exclusively licensed to operate in Brazil providing cleaning services for ship hulls through a unique technology leading to high production capacity, efficiency and safety.

The offered technology has total waste control, is certified by the main coating manufacturers, saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions.

About Us

TS Services Group Ltd has a clear objective of always providing high quality services, adding technology, safety, respect for the environment and meeting the expectations of its customers.

The company is fully committed to the quality and efficiency of its commercial activities with high standards of ethical, professional and commercial conduct. All services are performed in full compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in your area of ​​operation.

Our standards:

  • Quality in the provision of services
  • Respect for the environment
  • Proactivity and positive attitudes
  • Operational security


Our main objective is to provide security, energy management avoiding waste and increasing the operational efficiency of our customers.

We seek to implement and deliver the values available in world-class markets with control and supervision of the main systems of the ships.

Increased rigidity in environmental regulation forces the shipbuilding industry to seek operational optimization. As a result, there is an accelerated demand for larger, multifunctional vessels. With each new challenge, a solution is needed that meets the rigors of the maritime environment.

Our focus is on the planning, control, safety and maintenance of large ships. For this, we have developed a customized solution for the needs of our customers.

TS Services Group Ltd is Hullwiper’s exclusive representative for ship hull cleaning services for the entire Brazilian coast. With several awards received and unique technology, Hullwiper has already performed cleaning on more than 1000 ships.


TS Services Group Ltd is committed to the prevention, detection and resolution of conduct that does not comply with strict ethical and political standards. The Compliance program ensures compliance with the legislation by all of its employees and contractors.

The Corporate Compliance of the policies and procedures establishes and maintains a culture for the company to act with high standards of ethical and commercial conduct in the prevention, detection and resolution of acts that are not in conformity with ethical standards, always obeying the applicable legislation.

TS Services Group makes available, both to the internal and external public, an Ombudsman structure that will serve to deal with matters related to this Policy, on ethics, integrity and compliance. This Guidance and Reporting Channel is open to receive questions, requests for guidance and reports on misconduct in the workplace. All those who seek the Communication Channel in good faith to deal with matters related to this Policy are guaranteed that they will not be retaliated against.


TS Services Group Ltd.

Level 1, Palm Grove House,
Wickham's Cay 1,
P.O. Box 985
Road Town, Tortola, B.V.I.


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